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"The Conqueror," Howard Hughes/RKO 1955.John Wayne and Susan Hayward.Photo by Alexander Kahle. - Image 5761_0076
5761_0076 "The Conqueror," Howard Hughes/RKO 1955. John Wayne and Susan Hayward. Photo by Alexander Kahle.
"Harper,"Paul Newman.1966 Warner BrothersPhoto by Bert Six - Image 3477_0062
3477_0062 "Harper," Paul Newman. 1966 Warner Brothers Photo by Bert Six
"Fort Apache, The Bronx,"Paul Newman, Ken Wahl © 1980 20th Century Fox - Image 3437_0011
3437_0011 "Fort Apache, The Bronx," Paul Newman, Ken Wahl © 1980 20th Century Fox
Richard Kiel in "The Spy Who Loved Me"1977 United Artists** I.V.C. - Image 9457_0013
9457_0013 Richard Kiel in "The Spy Who Loved Me" 1977 United Artists ** I.V.C.
"Invasion Of The Body Snatchers"Kevin McCarthy,Dana Wynter1956 Allied Artists - Image 5520_0001
5520_0001 "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" Kevin McCarthy,Dana Wynter 1956 Allied Artists
Jodie Foster and Gina Schockcirca 1985© 1985 Gary Lewis - Image 24300_0056
24300_0056 Jodie Foster and Gina Schock circa 1985 © 1985 Gary Lewis
"F Troop"Mike Mazurki1966 - Image 1888_0004
1888_0004 "F Troop" Mike Mazurki 1966