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Simon Oakland and George Chakiris in "West Side Story"1961 United Artists** B.D.M. - Image 24293_2280
24293_2280 Simon Oakland and George Chakiris in "West Side Story" 1961 United Artists ** B.D.M.
"Bad Day at Black Rock"Spencer Tracy, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine1955 MGM - Image 8622_0001
8622_0001 "Bad Day at Black Rock" Spencer Tracy, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine 1955 MGM
"All About Eve"Anne Baxter, Marilyn Monroe, & Bette Davis1950 20th Century Fox**I.V. - Image 5956_0022
5956_0022 "All About Eve" Anne Baxter, Marilyn Monroe, & Bette Davis 1950 20th Century Fox **I.V.
"Laura"Dana Andrews & Vincent Price1944 20th **I.V. - Image 20701_0012
20701_0012 "Laura" Dana Andrews & Vincent Price 1944 20th **I.V.