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"Suddenly Last Summer"Elizabeth Taylor1959 Columbia / **I.V. - Image 3756_0023
3756_0023 "Suddenly Last Summer" Elizabeth Taylor 1959 Columbia / **I.V.
6008_0034 "Rosemary's Baby" John Cassavetes, Mia Farrow 1968 © 1978 Bob Willoughby
Vincent Price in "The Tingler"1959 Columbia / **I.V.Photo By Cronenweth - Image 2837_0139
2837_0139 Vincent Price in "The Tingler" 1959 Columbia / **I.V. Photo By Cronenweth
"Breakfast at Tiffany
5596_0036 "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Audrey Hepburn 1961 Paramount **I.V.
"The Incredible Shrinking Man"Grant Williams1957 Universal - Image 5350_0002
5350_0002 "The Incredible Shrinking Man" Grant Williams 1957 Universal
"Narcotic" 1933 Hollywood Producers & Distributors ** I.V. - Image 19942_0001
19942_0001 "Narcotic" 1933 Hollywood Producers & Distributors ** I.V.
Charles (Chuck) Spalding, the President
17397_0009 Charles (Chuck) Spalding, the President's roommate at Harvard, Stash Radziwill and Doctor Max Jacobson during the fifty-mile hike along the Sunshine Parkway, from Palm Beach towards Miami, in February of 1963 © 2013 Mark Shaw
"Bonjour Tristesse"Jean Seberg1957 Columbia**I.V. - Image 11102_0007
11102_0007 "Bonjour Tristesse" Jean Seberg 1957 Columbia **I.V.