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"Funny Face"Editor Bill Reynolds, Fred Astaire1957© 1978 Lou Jacobs Jr. - Image 9111_0411
9111_0411 "Funny Face" Editor Bill Reynolds, Fred Astaire 1957 © 1978 Lou Jacobs Jr.
"In the Heat of the Night"Sidney Poitier1967 United Artists - Image 5502_0086
5502_0086 "In the Heat of the Night" Sidney Poitier 1967 United Artists
"Yellow Submarine"Ringo Starr1968King Features/Apple** I.V. - Image 8573_0015
8573_0015 "Yellow Submarine" Ringo Starr 1968 King Features/Apple ** I.V.
"Quincy M.E."Jack Klugman1977**H.L. - Image 9769_0022
9769_0022 "Quincy M.E." Jack Klugman 1977 **H.L.
"Dinner at Eight"Marie Dressler1933 MGM**I.V. - Image 6154_0020
6154_0020 "Dinner at Eight" Marie Dressler 1933 MGM **I.V.