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"On Her Majesty
22727_0427 "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" George Lazenby 1969 United Artists ** I.V.
"Repulsion"Catherine Deneuve, Roman Polanski1965**I.V. - Image 21738_0004
21738_0004 "Repulsion" Catherine Deneuve, Roman Polanski 1965 **I.V.
19895_0001 "Tol' Able David" Richard Barthelmess 1921 First National **I.V.
Dana Andrews1966**I.V. - Image 1961_0003
1961_0003 Dana Andrews 1966 **I.V.
"Roots"LeVar Burton1977**H.L. - Image 17658_0038
17658_0038 "Roots" LeVar Burton 1977 **H.L.
"Six Million Dollar Man, The"Lee Majors1975**H.L. - Image 1657_0030
1657_0030 "Six Million Dollar Man, The" Lee Majors 1975 **H.L.
"The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone"Warren Beatty1961 Warner Brothers - Image 1234_0008
1234_0008 "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone" Warren Beatty 1961 Warner Brothers
Arnold Palmerwith Jack NicklausC. 1963 © 1978 Gunther - Image 10864_0020
10864_0020 Arnold Palmer with Jack Nicklaus C. 1963 © 1978 Gunther