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1759_0407 "Ciro's Nightclub" Frances Faye, Imogene Coca, Benay Venuta / Hollywood, CA 1956
1759_0392 "Ciro's Nightclub" Gordon MacRae traded in "The Surrey With the Fringe on Top" for a ringside table at H.D. Hover's Ciro's after the premiere of "Oklahoma!" to celebrate with his lovely wife, Sheila, and their good friends Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz / Hollywood, CA 1955
1759_0072 "Ciro's Nightclub" Ann Miller / Hollywood, CA circa 1954
1759_0370 "Ciro's Nightclub" Jerry Lewis and his wife Patti Palmer with Dean Martin and his wife Jeanne Martin, and on the far left, Dean Martin's mother Angela Crocetti / Hollywood, CA circa 1955
1759_0412 "Ciro's Nightclub" Sensational Sammy Davis Jr., soon to make Broadway debut in "Mr. Wonderful", holds hands with pert Vera Francis at H.D. Hover's Ciro's, where he appears frequently on stage / Hollywood, CA circa 1955
1759_0402 "Ciro's Nightclub" Gower and Marge Champion display their typical vitality and enthusiasm while watching the exciting floor show at H.D. Hover's plush night spot, Ciro's / Hollywood, CA circa 1955
1759_0377 "Ciro's Nightclub" Even Patrick Nerney's spectacles cannot de-glamourize pretty Jane Powell. Here she plays "peek-a-boo" with him as they dine at H.D. Hover's Ciro's / Hollywood, CA 1956
1759_0375 "Ciro's Nightclub" Actress Donna Reed and husband Tony Owen make a happy twosome at H.D. Hover's Ciro's, America's most glamorous night spot / Hollywood, CA circa 1955
"Aacademy Wards: 32nd Annual"Elizabeth taylor and Eddie Fisher, 1960. © 1978 Bernie Abramson - Image 1757_0005
1757_0005 "Aacademy Wards: 32nd Annual" Elizabeth taylor and Eddie Fisher, 1960. © 1978 Bernie Abramson
1759_0373 "Ciro's Nightclub" Celebrating at Ciro's are Donald O'Connor and Gloria Noble. It came as no surprise to Hollywood when this happy twosome announced their engagement / Hollywood, CA circa 1955
1759_0381 "Ciro's Nightclub" In true "Dragnet" fashion, Jack Webb seems to be investigating The Case of Peggy Lee's Coke, while his Mrs. seems more intent on pretty Peggy's conversation / Hollywood, CA 1955
1759_0385 "Ciro's Nightclub" Anna Maria Alberghetti hosts Anna Maria Alberghetti at H.D. Hover's beautiful Ciro's / Hollywood, CA circa 1955
1759_0397 "Ciro's Nightclub" Ernest Borgnine, Katy Jurado / Hollywood, CA circa 1959
1759_0374 "Ciro's Nightclub" Donald O'Connor celebrates the success of his newly released "Anything Goes" with his pretty fiancee, Gloria Noble, at H.D. Hover's Ciro's / Hollywood, CA 1956
"Academy Awards - 32nd Annual"Robert Wagner, Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher1960 © 1978 Bernie Abramson - Image 1757_0023
1757_0023 "Academy Awards - 32nd Annual" Robert Wagner, Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher 1960 © 1978 Bernie Abramson
1759_0387 "Ciro's Nightclub" Pier Angeli, Dean Martin / Hollywood, CA circa 1955
1759_0043 "Ciro's Nightclub" Dean Martin with wife Jeanne / Hollywood, CA 1956
10825_0107 "Diff'rent Strokes" Dana Plato, Charlotte Rae, Todd Bridges, Conrad Bain, Gary Coleman 1978 Photo by Gene Trindl
Nancy Sinatra at home1967© 1978 David Sutton - Image 0336_0117
0336_0117 Nancy Sinatra at home 1967 © 1978 David Sutton
Nancy Sinatra and Warren Beattycirca 1960s** J.S.C. - Image 0336_0212
0336_0212 Nancy Sinatra and Warren Beatty circa 1960s ** J.S.C.
Wolfgang Puck at Spago1992© 1992 Randy Harmon - Image 24370_0007
24370_0007 Wolfgang Puck at Spago 1992 © 1992 Randy Harmon
"Murder on the Orient Express"Albert Finney1974** I.V.C. - Image 24322_0071
24322_0071 "Murder on the Orient Express" Albert Finney 1974 ** I.V.C.
Doris Day1960© 1978 Bob Willoughby - Image 0025_2498
0025_2498 Doris Day 1960 © 1978 Bob Willoughby
Ronald Reagan and first wife Jane Wyman at The Brown DerbyC. 1942MPTV - Image 0871_1213
0871_1213 Ronald Reagan and first wife Jane Wyman at The Brown Derby C. 1942 MPTV
Elizabeth Taylor and fourth husband Eddie Fisher1959MPTV - Image 0712_2181
0712_2181 Elizabeth Taylor and fourth husband Eddie Fisher 1959 MPTV