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Leo Fuchs

( 1929 - 2009 )

Leo Fuchs is a Hollywood veteran who spent 20 years (1944 -1965) shooting some of the most moving and memorable images of ‘50s and ‘60s film icons. Born in Vienna to a family of pastry chefs in 1929, Fuchs emigrated to New York with his family in 1939. He quit school at 14 to apprentice at Globe Photos in New York. He struck out on his own two years later, working in Broadway nightclubs and as a glamour photographer for newspapers and magazines. Although Fuchs spent over twenty years as a motion picture producer, his introduction to movie making came during the previous decades as one of the world’s leading “special photographers” on movie sets. As a magazine photographer, he was one of the rare “outsiders” invited onto movie sets and left to his own devises. He befriended the celebrities and the resulting photographs, both intimate and immediate in their appeal, were then syndicated to magazines the world over. The excellent working relationship Fuchs created can be seen clearly in the intimacy of his photographs. Leo Fuchs passed away in 2009 at the age of 79 in his home in Paris where he lived for 40 years.

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